Monday, 5 January 2015

GET TO KNOW ME | 25 Questions Tag

Happy New Year everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful time over the festive period with family and friends. 
Seeing as were finally into 2015 and I'm a new blogger, I thought it would be a nice idea for you to find out a bit more about me! Therefore, I introduce to you the 25 Questions Tag!

What is your middle name? 
My middle name is Helen.
What was your favorite subject at School? 
I really loved Art and Design Technology in school, the creative subjects were definitely what I thrived more in!
What is your favourite drink? 
I have a really big obsession with Cranberry Juice, I could drink cartons and cartons in just one day!
What is your favourite song at the moment? 
In the heat of the moment by Noel Gallagher. This single was released last year, I'm highly anticipating his new album this year!
What is your favourite food? 
I love curry dishes, the hotter the better!
What is the last thing you bought? 
A beautiful over-sized cream and leather coat from Topshop in the January Sales.

Favourite book of all time?
A while back I read the Twilight Saga books and they were all brilliant! I couldn't pick a favourite between them.
Favourite colour?
Dark Purple and Turquoise.
Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a cat called Poppy. Shes a little black cat with spots of ginger in her fur. She also  doesn't have a tail as she was unfortunately involved in a car accident, but luckily she's okay and just as healthy and she was before!

Favourite Perfume?
Daisy Eau so Fresh by Marc Jacobs. For Christmas I got La Vie Est Belle by LANCOME which I am also really liking at the moment.

Favourite Holiday?
When I was little myself and my family used to go to Suffolk every year in the Summer to see our family. Its so peaceful and tranquil in Suffolk, there's hardly any street lights around the Countryside so at night the Stars shone so bright! We still try and go to Suffolk but not every year. By far my favourite holiday, so many good memories.

Are you married?

Have you been out of the country, if so how many times?
Yes I have. I live right on the boarder between England and Wales so I couldn't tell you the exact amount of times! The furthest I've been out of my country was to Paris on a school trip when I was in High School.

Do you speak any other language?
Not fluently, no. I learnt French and Welsh in School but what I can remember is very little.

How many siblings do you have?
2. I have a younger brother who is 15, and an older sister. She is 28.

What is your favourite shop?
Topshop all the way, I practically live there. I also LOVE the bath and cosmetics shop LUSH.

Favourite Restaurant?
I think my favourite place to eat is Chiquitos. I love most of the food they serve, I have been there quite a lot over the past few months.

When was the last time you cried?
Yesterday, please don't laugh at the reason why! On Saturday and the early hours of Sunday morning, I had been watching the first two Hobbit films as I was seeing the final film on the Sunday afternoon. The last film was so sad in some parts, I may have shed a few tears... Yes, I will admit I get very emotional at sad films!

Favourite Blog?
I love Amy Valentine's blog. 

Favourite Movie?
It's so hard to choose so I'll list a few! The Harry Potter films are incredible as well as the Twilight Saga, Transformers: Age of Extinction, the Home Alone Films, Hook, Django Unchained , and many, many more!

Favourite TV Show?
I'm OBSESSED with The Big Bang Theory! Best TV Show out there in my opinion!

PC or Mac?
I've always been used to using PC's but when I was studying Art and Design in college I used a Mac computer and I loved it. I've recently invested in a Mac Book and its winning me over very quickly.

What phone do you have?
I have a white iPhone 5g.

How tall are you?
5 ft 10".

Can you cook?
I can cook, but whether or not I can cook very well is a different story!

I hope you enjoyed reading my first ever post and finding out a little bit about me! I'd like to tag anybody reading this to do the 25 Questions Tag, I'd love to know about some of your favourite things!


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